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Thank you so much for your interest in partnership with Jamie Grayson! You're in the right place if you're looking to work with Jamie on social media campaigns via Facebook or Instagram, Amazon Live, or even virtual consumer events. Or, perhaps you have a creative idea of how we can work together!


We have so many ways to collaborate and help create brand awareness for your products or services. Jamie specializes in baby and kids goods from gear to toys, but he also loves to feature innovative home and lifestyle products, food/kitchen, as well as anything related to pop culture - and his audience warmly receives it all!

Before moving forward into our partnership information, please read the following two very important statements involving our ethics as a company. 

1. Human first, business second. Jamie is in a unique position in that his baby gear expert business and his personal social media platforms are united as one. He is lucky enough to have a highly engaged, large audience and therefore feels a responsibility to use his platform for the greater good. Jamie has and will speak up publicly for what he believes. He will not censor and activism is deeply important to our (very small) team. We are unwilling to partner with brands that we know have contradicting values. We believe that love is love, Black lives matterno-one is illegal, disabilities should be respected, feminism is for everyone, and trans kids need our protection. We hope that you will stand by us too - and if not, please exit out of this website and pursue alternative marketing channels. 

2. We only feature products or services that Jamie can authentically stand behind. We do not do negative product reviews - we simply just won't promote a product that Jamie does not like, no matter how much the company is willing to pay. In addition, if we do not believe Jamie's platform will respond well to your brand, we may also decline partnership. All products are subject to advance testing and approval before a partnership can be agreed upon. Please also note that we are a small (tiny) business and it takes a lot of time, effort, resources, and expertise to run it. We do a lot of non-sponsored content, but as Jamie is an expert in his field and not an influencer, we do not trade campaigns for products or giveaway opportunities. 

It's simple. Human Rights. Authenticity. All Good? Great. Let's Go! 

The partnership area of is currently under construction with plans to be available soon. For now, please click the "Let's Collaborate" button to send an email to our team with a bit about your product or service and we will get back to you with more info.
Have an awesome day! 

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