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Jamie, formerly known as "TheBabyGuyNYC", rebranded as himself, Jamie Grayson, summer of 2019. Beginning as a theatre nerd, he became a renowned baby gear nerd after an exciting 4 1/2 year journey as a product demonstrator and personal shopper at buybuyBaby in Manhattan as well as a year at NYC's top birth education center. Armed with an Angry Baby and no filter, Jamie quickly became one of the most well-respected experts in the baby gear and child safety space for more than a decade. Now based in Denver, Colorado, Jamie is passionate about helping parents make decisions on the best baby gear they can use to make life simpler and more enjoyable through honest and entertaining product testing and reviews. 

You can find Jamie traveling the globe speaking at expectant parent events, moderating a combined social media audience of over 800,000, and working directly with brands one-on-one. You may also catch him attending musicals, experimenting in the kitchen, & drinking copious amounts of coffee. And #wine. Let's not

forget that. With social media & consumer events as his foundation, Jamie helps brands like yours reach a large, targeted audience with instant authentic engagement & a focus on brand awareness and education. 

257,000    103,000  359,000   8,500    75,000

cast & crew (some of who you might see on @thejamiegrayson)

angry baby

plastic son

Rescued from a dumpster in NYC, Jamie found AB while he was working at birth education center. AB gets a yearly magic eraser bath, is famous for modeling car seats, and currently lives in a carry-on inside Jamie's closet. 




Yes. There's a dog underneath all that hair. Meet Jennifer's adorable Old English Sheepdog, who you can find on Instagram at #milehighmax. Jamie likes to think Max is HusbandBait™, but apparently that's not how it works.


jennifer & greg

sister & brother in law

Jamie's sister & her partner are the founders of Search My Social and are wizards of tech & data. They have a blended family, including two sets of twins, which means we like to go have margaritas on occasion. 

IMG_2810 2.JPG


right hand woman

Content director, editorial selector, scheduler, travel sidekick, product tester, graphic designer and marketing maven behind the scenes. 


the nuggets

jennifer & greg's kiddos

Two sets of twins, plus two more equals Jamie's nieces & nephews. Veteran product testers, these six awesome kids are going to take over the world one day.


baby zev

professional giggle box

The youngest of Laney's kiddos and the smallest product tester, aka the world's cutest hp doppelgänger.


shari criso

my baby experts

You know her from Q&A's with Jamie - but now, they've partnered together as My Baby Experts! Shari is an RN, CNM, and IBCLC who answers all of your burning pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding questions.  


rebecca michi

children's sleep expert

Gentle sleep expert with a great sense of humor and tons of sleepy dust to share - found on FB Live with Jamie and she can definitely help you!

PS Check out her new book! 

Kitchen SetV1-233_R1Final.jpg

ms. dawn

spectrum speech & feeding

If you have questions about feeding your little one, Ms. Dawn is the go-to expert. Check out the FB Live Video collections for everything you need to know!

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