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holiday gift guide 2022

hey all! we had so much fun curating this holiday gift idea list for you this year! use this guide to help with your winter shopping or bookmark it for birthdays and just-because occasions in the future! we have thoughtful gift inspiration, some (limited time) excellent codes, offers, and deals (ONLY if you watch the videos), AND you know jamie - a series of live video episodes to show you everything awesome about what we chose. each category has it's own Facebook Live video that accompanies it, so if you want to hear what Jamie really thinks - take a few minutes to watch! everything you'll see below was personally invited to join us, so you know we truly love every single item and recommend them. we hope you have an easy and stress-free winter holiday season, no matter what or when or how you celebrate. 

your friends,

jamie and laney

Check out Jamie's FB Live for Small Business Saturday gift ideas!

Limited-Edition Holiday Mindful Mealtime Set By Ahimsa Ahimsa Limited-Edition Holiday Mindful Mealtime Set - it's stainless steel so unlike plastic - harmful chemicals won't transfer into your child's food.

The Marker Parker By Big Bee Little Bee Does your child forget to put their marker caps back on? Let markers roll off their desks and out of sight? Marker Parker helps your child keep track of their markers while drawing, so you're not left chasing down marker caps and throwing away dried out markers over and over again!

Melabebe Tired of watery lotions and cremes that don’t do their job? Desperate for a product line that is safe for your kid, family, and the environment? Seeking hydrating products without a greasy residue? Look no further than Melabebe's plant-based moisture care line for ages baby and beyond.

The Table Tyke The placemat customers call “genius!” thanks to our table edge bumper and easy travel design!

2 in 1 baby bottle holder & sleeve By Tunkie & Co Tunkie & Co. 2 in 1 baby bottle holder and sleeve preventing spilled milk and making life easier!

While we didn't do a Facebook Live for this totally editorial version of our gift guide, here are some books we absolutely love that you should know!

B is for Broadway By John Robert Allman

Circles All Around Us By Brad Montague

Francis Discovers Possible By Ashlee Latimer

The Polka-Dotted Penguin By Amy Moy

Tomatoes For Neela By Padma Lakshmi Host of Top Chef and Taste the Nation

A Case of the Zaps By Alex Boniello, April Lavalle

Check out the FB Live for the Home edition of our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!

Big Flopsy Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow By Beaba Meet the Big Flopsy. Your new bff for pregnancy & breastfeeding. Made from 100% quilted French cotton and stuffed with micro-pearl to create a comfy space for you and baby.

Happsy Organic Mattress By Happsy The Happsy Mattress features certified organic, sustainably harvested and environmentally-friendly materials, while eliminating harsh chemicals, foams and adhesives. Its organic design also provides excellent support, contouring to your every curve and dissipating heat for a more comfortable night's sleep.

Boot By Joovy No more sanitizing your cart, worrying about bringing bags, or walking your cart all the way back after you’ve loaded the car. The simple, one-handed fold and compact size are ideal for easy transport and holds up to 70 pounds.

3.75 QT Essential French Oven By Staub Staub enameled cast iron cookware is the top choice for chefs and home cooks alike. This great essential French oven conical bottom shape, allows stirring and mixing effortless. It is perfect for daily casual meals or sumptuous suppers. It is a timeless piece worth investing.

Carpet ONE By Tineco Whether it's the Carpet ONE, or any of the other models that clean your floors in the easiest of ways, Tineco makes cleaning your floors absolutely satisfying.

Play Sofa (and accessories too!) By Little Creatives Yes --- a Play Sofa your 2 year old will USE at age 10 ANDDD you love seeing in your home!?! (read that again).

Check out the Toy edition FB Live for our Holiday Gift Guide!

Dimpl Splash By Fat Brain Toys Add a big splash of dimpl fascination to bathtime! Each of these three coral-like critters is teeming with discoveries to explore. Scoop and pour with the pitcher wrapped around a green dimpl bubble. Dunk the donut and tilt it one way for rain and another way for a stream. Explore the sucker-covered bubbles of the starfish, then set it adrift or use it as a water scooper. Little explorers can't wait to dive in and play!

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Game By Funko Games Get ready for a good old-fashioned family Christmas! Roll the dice with a one-of-a-kind Marty the Moose tumbler push your luck for an elusive Christmas bonus, but watch out for Cousin Eddie clogging up your plans!

Glo Friends Wigglebug Wiggle, Hop, Stop! By Playskool Meet the huggable Wigglebug! Wigglebug's friendly personality, four interactive play modes, and playful glow provide hours of fun while helping children understand their emotions. Wigglebug's motion-sensing technology provides interactive play where Wigglebug can respond to how your child plays!

scoobi 5-in-1 Convertible Scooter By Larktale Designed for active kiddos aged 2-5 years old, the scoobi easily transitions from tricycle and balance bike to an easy to use scooter, with no tools necessary

Magnatab Glow-in-the-Dark By Playskool The Original Magnatab is easy for children to use, drawing whatever pictures come to mind or practicing letters, numbers, and shapes—there are so many playful, creative, and educational opportunities! Kids can display and view their drawings at night, or play under the tent of their bed covers! Children can draw over and over with the magnetic stylus and secured beads that pull up and push back down.

The Nugget By Nugget Comfort As the original play couch, we know a little bit about making playtime awesome. The Nugget is available in 20+ colors and patterns, including our special edition collaborations, across three machine-washable fabrics.

Peppa Pig Toniebox Starter Set By Tonies Listen, learn, and play with one huggable little box. The Toniebox provides screen-free, interactive entertainment for kids and a huge selection of Tonies to collect with endless stories, songs, and fun. It's designed for independent play, with intuitive controls that young kids can use. Hug it, bump it, or squeeze it - it's soft, safe and durable. 2022 Toy of the Year Finalist 2022, Fast Company Most Innovative Companies 2021, and more.

Lights, Camera Action! Blocks By Uncle Goose Films make us feel. We may love one film, yet hate another. We may be terrified, thrilled, or amused. We may even feel indifferent or bored by some. But what drives all these different emotions? Why does going to the movies make us feel the way we do? As you play with this block set, you can increase your film literacy.

Check out the 2022 edition of our Stroller Wagon Showdown on Facebook Live! Stroller Wagons are excellent for one kid to four kids, and they make great gifts for new parents, experienced parents, and grandparents!

Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon By Babytrend The Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon is the perfect addition to your family's holiday outings!

The Stroller Wagon By Joey The Wagon comes with 360° views for autonomy, self-discovery, imaginative play, and sensorial development. Fact: Kids stress and scream when they’re strapped into old-school strollers. The Wagon allows your crew to self-board and interact with the world around them — it’s a small cabin where kids can stretch their feet, turn their heads, and observe their passing environment, flexibly.

XC+ 4-Passenger Luxury Comfort Stroller Wagon By Keenz Keenz’s luxurious XC+ arrives fully loaded with all-terrain wheels, canopy system, snack tray and storage compartments, leather push-and-pull handlebars, cushioned, removable seats, and offers a deep interior with lots of leg room, and a wagon weight limit of 326 pounds.

Caravan Stroller/Wagon By Larktale Designed for modern on-the-go families, the Larktale caravan™ stroller wagon has interior seating for one or two passengers in individually reclining seats and a drop down foot well to promote a more natural seating position. Suitable from 6 months to 50 lbs per seat, the caravan can also accommodate a newborn with a caravan car seat adapter (sold separately)

Cruiser XL By Veer Compact fold, light weight and built to last, the Cruiser XL has all of the features of the original Veer Cruiser that families love, but can now accommodate up to FOUR passengers!! Suitable from birth (with infant car seat adapter) and beyond.

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